Secret Gardener was a project made as part of a pitch pilot for a queer variety comedy show. It was released along with national coming out day to poke fun at the idea of straight people in denial about their queer identities.

Direction | Editing
I worked with Marsai Martin to create the friendship Do’s and Don’ts as part of Treat yo’ Friends, an anti bullying campaign, sponsored by Taki’s. 

Cinematography | Editing
Dyne, hosts Christopher Bevans’ sixth line at their 2018 men’s New York Fashion Week event.

Direction | Editing I directed Ayo & Teo for a campaign sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. The concept was inspired by viral dance challenge videos and we used this theme to promote the campaign.

Direction | Editing
Weird Place, Produced for 2012 Bid Adieu, as a follow up to Friends, was an expressive piece on the the on the death of reality.
GFX by Gray Hall

Cinematography | Editing
Truuu, an ongoing QT/POC party hosted in a local Brooklyn bar features rising DJs in the space.

Cinematography | Editing Kink out is an event in support of Lysistrata, an organization that funds pro-sex worker legislation. We made this piece as a work of coverage and promotion.

Direction | Editing
Created to promote an anti-vaping campaign with CVS and, the direction was a piece that expresses the absurdity of hard facts about vaping.

Direction | Editing Promoting a driver safety campaign with; I worked with Diego Tinoco, from the Netflix show, On My Block, to create internet buzzy content.